City gal trying to survive the ‘burbs


Hi. I’m Sam.

I live in the ‘burbs now. Probably seems normal to you, but it’s weird to me. Sure, I grew up in the suburbs, but as I matured into an adult and moved to a bigger city, I knew I had to be in the heart of it.

Living downtown was rad. I could walk to some really fun restaurants and bars and pay hardly anything to rideshare to others. I worked downtown, so my commute was small. And all my friends lived nearby.

The energy of the city was intoxicating. I felt so connected and at home.

My fiance and I loved it downtown, but we knew we had to make some changes if we wanted to have kids. We lived in a small duplex (that we loved, fyi) and could never afford to buy a home in our neighborhood. Or send kids to private school. So, it was time.

We bought a home we could grow into in a nice suburban neighborhood. It’s quiet—there’s no bus stop outside our front door. It’s safe—no one is pissing on our front stoop or stealing my packages. And we have room. When we moved in, we were probably the only ones without kids, but within a month or two, I was pregnant.

So, here I am. A suburban mom. I spend my time still trying to be cool and keep up with new things in the city, dodging annoying moms, fixing dumb things the previous homeowners did to our house, going to breweries, petting my pup, laughing with my fiance, and now raising my little boy to be kind.

This blog produces content that I think is super relatable—rants and raves, product recommendations, recipes (mostly vegetarian), tips and tricks, funny and embarrassing stories, local reviews (Columbus, Ohio), and much more. If you’re a human that appreciates staying young, being kind, ensuring equality, laughing at inappropriate humor, and listening to someone else tell you about shit they love; this is the place for you. Welcome.

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